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I Never Asked For This.


I didn't expect you. The way you came crashing into my life, the way you swooped in and set my heart on fire. You smashed down my walls, you made me let my guard down, and entered at a time I thought I didn't need anyone.

You, unassuming and simple. You, with your light and your laughter. Your desire to change the world. My world. You showed me that I don't need to put up walls. That maybe the world deserves to be loved unconditionally, whether or not you get anything in return. I'm yet to meet someone as emphatic, feeling and sensitive as you. I've started seeing the world from your perspective. It's like I'm looking at it for the first time.

And yet, I'm spending every moment of my waking life thinking of you. You invade my thoughts with a rudeness that I don't mind. You ought to see the way I smile when you light up my phone. Because it's more than just a text. It's more than just a call.

You light up my life.

You don't just mak…

If It's Meant To Be...

There's a song on the radio right about now by Bebe Rexha and Florida Georgia Line that goes, "If it's meant to be, it will just let it be." As catchy as it is, I was recently struck by how meaningful and timely it is for where I am in life.

I've recently been guilty of overthinking every single thing. Unhappy with relationships, jobs, or my own self- image. And for the longest time, I took to constant self-improvement. So much so that it overtook my life. It became obsessive, how I would try to do every single thing in order to please others, to make myself look good, to try to climb higher. I thought I was happy, but then I realized that my frantic efforts weren't getting me very far. In fact, I ended up being counter-productive.

Most of the time, we just storm through life, trying to get that job we want, trying to date that person we like, trying to get that six-pack 'fast'. We keep pushing on and on and on. And how many times does that …

Mediocrity is Not Okay.

I had a friend at college, who, let's put it lightly, just went with the flow. He rarely cared about grades, or tests, or projects. He just went through each day, somehow getting by, content with where he was in life, and making little effort to achieve something more. Now, he was a good friend, and really balanced out my anxious, stressed out personality. Let's say, he was the Baloo to my Bagheera.

Now, it's great to have a relaxed, chilled out personality. It's nice to not care. But here's a fun fact: just 'okay' is NOT okay. And something I'm still learning now is that settling for mediocrity isn't going to cut it anymore.

Good enough is NOT enough.

All our lives we've been told that coming in second is okay, that it's okay to lose as long as we did our best, that at least we participated ("here's your consolation prize!"). There is something seriously wrong with that mindset. As much as I love my old college buddy, I have t…


Have you ever seen or received one of those packages that say 'Fragile: Handle With Care'? Back when I was little, I would look at those boxes with fascination, wondering what they contained. It didn't take long to find out whenever we would receive something labeled 'FRAGILE' at our house. The box would declare, in bold, red lettering: 'Handle with care'

These boxes, as you obviously know, contained items that could break easily: Christmas ornaments or artificial Christmas trees, crystal sculptures, and once, oddly, an ugly glass table with a wooden base we had to assemble ourselves. (We didn't.)

There's a reason we label these boxes 'Fragile'. We don't want the precious, expensive contents to shatter, or break in transit. So why aren't we that careful with our relationships?

It's 2018, and friendships and relationships aren't the same anymore. We've become accustomed to amassing thousands of 'friends' online. Ou…

2017: A Retrospective

2017 was a good year. That’s all I can fathom as today, on December 31, 2017, I sit and contemplate on the year gone by. 
In a lot of ways, I feel conflicted about my 2017. For one, I made considerable progress and achieved so much professionally and personally, but at the same time, the entire year was permeated by a sense of being stuck. Stuck in a comfort zone, stuck in the midst of confusion and stuck in chaos.
The quarter life crisis hit me hard this year. And it’s something I’m still dealing with. I suppose it’s okay to be dealing with confusion and angst regarding my life at this age, but I still don’t really see a way out. Hopefully 2018 helps me work on this in a better way. 
But overall, I feel I played it a little too safe this year. I deliberately protected myself and my heart. Maybe the hurt and pain of 2016 made me do this, but I felt it was the right thing to do in 2017. To keep myself safe and heal. 
I’m still immature in a lot of ways, and I still goof up an…

Counterfeit Love

Every song on the radio is about it. Most movies and TV shows revolve around the concept of it. We find ourselves obsessed with the idea of it.

If the media would have you believe what love is, they would have you think that 'love' is spending the night with an attractive person. It's about 'scoring'. They would tell you that love is more about the physical, the outward, the visible. High fives and winks all around. But that's a lie. Just as today's pop songs replace the F-word with "love" on the radio (as if that's even the same thing), the fake, counterfeit love that the world tries to sell us is a lie.

Because 'love' is so much more than physical gratification. It goes beyond the sexual, it transcends the human body. It is so much more than today's image-obsessed culture would have us believe. Take a listen to the top ten songs on the radio right now. Granted, they are earworms that have the potential to stick with us for…