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Face Your Fears

Today being Halloween, the Festival of Fear, I thought I'd do something different rather than watch scary movies or dress up funny. That's fun, but I figured I'll get a kick out of countering certain (cough cough) things that have always scared the crap out of me.
So without further ado, here are some things that have always freaked me out- I'm facing them head on!

5. "Night On Bald Mountain" segment from Disney's Fantasia: Okay, freaky! Everything so dark, scary and horrible, and then this demon, "Chernabog" comes out of nowhere! Man, those hands scared me so bad! Brilliant animation, scary theme!

4. Heights: Not always, but come on, you don't expect me to stand on the top of the Burj Khalifa and spread my arms open and shout "I'm king of the world!" Although I would love to go to the top of that beautiful building, I'd do so just for a picture and to cross off another one of my dreams. But in general, I am scared of heig…

Album Review: "Colbie Caillat: Christmas In The Sand" (2012)

Colbie Caillat is one of the last persons you'd think of at the mention of "Christmas album." Her sunny, singer-songwriter style just would seem out of place on a holiday music collection wouldn't it? Well, that's what I thought and clearly I was proved wrong. The "Bubbly" California girl has tasted a fairly high level of success and this year she releases her full-length Christmas album "Christmas In The Sand." While that sounds like an unconventional title for a Christmas album, let's just say that the entire album is surprisingly refreshing. Colbie's laid-back, summery style makes for an exceptionally good collection of tunes for the season.

Let's just get down to business and look at each song on the album:

1. Merry Christmas Baby (featuring Brad Paisley): I was sold on the title itself. And the fact that it has none other than Brad Paisley on the It's an awesome album opener, you can practically feel C…

Album Review: "Lady Antebellum: On This Winter's Night" (2012)

Christmas albums are a strange thing. You never know if a singer or band is genuinely passionate about recording one, or whether their record label has simply forced them to do so, just to sell a few million more copies and cash in on a famous name. The 2012 Holiday season is a jam packed one in terms of Christmas music. In October alone, four albums have released, Blake Shelton's Cheers, It's Christmas (full review here) Christmas With Scotty McCreery (full review here), Colbie Caillat's Christmas In The Sand, and now Lady Antebellum's On This Winter's Night.
Lady Antebellum is one of my favorite country/pop artists. I have been listening to them for about three years now, and love their crossover style which blends traditional country with modern pop-rock. Comprised of Hillary Scott (lead vocals), Charles Kelley (lead vocals) and Dave Haywood (background vocals, guitar, piano,mandolin), this band from Nashville seems like a natural fit for a Christmas album. And…

Album Review: "Taylor Swift: Red" (2012)

At the young age of 22, Taylor Swift has a lot to her credentials. With three multi-platinum albums, numerous Grammys, American Music Awards, CMA Awards, movie and TV roles, and of course, charitable efforts, it's clear that this girl can do anything. Rising to fame in 2006 with her self-titled album, she followed up her impressive debut with two more albums, Fearless and Speak Now. Striking a note with her surprisingly deep lyrics, masterful songwriting skills, and the perfect essence of being young, the young country girl today is a tour de force in the modern music industry. One of the most influential personalities in the world, Swift releases her newest full length album, Red, today on October 22.

Red is a unique album for Swift. In it, she shows a different side of her personality. She embraces new sounds and is not afraid to experiment. The end result is a pleasing one, with her own unique stamp on some songs, and a new flavor on the others.

Here is the track-by-track revie…

Album Review: "Christmas With Scotty McCreery" (2012)

In 2011, Scotty McCreery was crowned the 10th winner of the iconic singing competition, American Idol. Following the apparently established "White Guy With Guitar" trend that the fandom has come to name the five consequent male winners of the show, David Cook (2008), Kris Allen (2009), Lee Dewyze (2010) and most recently, Phillip Phillips (2012), most people were skeptical of the seventeen year old's success. But the young North Carolina native went on to prove all naysayers wrong. His debut single "I Love You This Big" charted high on the Hot 100 (#11), and his debut album, "Clear as Day" was a hit, selling more than a million copies and being certified Platinum. American Idol seemed to have found another legitimate star after years. This week, McCreery releases his second studio album and first holiday album, Christmas With Scotty McCreery.

Earlier this year, when I heard that Scotty would be releasing a Christmas album as his second effort, I'…

My Favorite Things

Have you seen the classic film, The Sound of Music? Chances are, you have. And if you haven't, do watch it because it really is one for the ages. It's full of songs, and one of my favorite songs from that movie is "My Favorite Things", sung by the legendary Julie Andrews. in the movie, when the children are scared by the thunder, Maria (played by Julie Andrews) tells them to remember their favorite things so that they won't "feel so bad." I recently watched this film after a while, and I thought, hmm, I wonder if that actually works. The result? Yes, it does!
So lately, whenever I feel stressed out, nervous, angry or afraid, all I do is go through this little list of my favorite things in my head. Who knew that this actually works?

Below, I will list a few of my favorite things. After that, I have a challenge for you!


1. The smell of rain
2. The feel of cool water on my face
3. New book smell
4. Old book smell
5. Videogames!
6. Anima…

Album Review: "Blake Shelton: Cheers, It's Christmas" (2012)

Although I'm a big country music fan, I'll be honest: I've never listened to a Blake Shelton album before. Sure, I know who Blake Shelton is. He's a celebrity coach on The Voice. He's also married to Miranda Lambert. That's it, right? And that's all I know about him. Now why am I listening to his new Christmas album? Because I am a sucker for Christmas-themed anything. The first major holiday release of the year, "Cheers, It's Christmas" is Shelton's seventh studio album and first Christmas album. Released October 2, rather early for a Christmas album, "Cheers, It's Christmas" includes fourteen tracks, a healthy mix of classics and some worthy originals. About eight guest artists feature on this album as well, the likes of which include some of my favorites like Michael Buble and Kelly Clarkson.

I love country, and I love Christmas. So obviously the combination of the two makes for a great album that I thoroughly enjoyed lis…