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Don't Let Failure Get You Down...Ever!

Have you ever done something you were so confident about but then failed? Really miserably?

Trust me, it happens to everyone. In fact, quite recently it happened to me. I decided to do something I was certain I would be successful in, but then I had to face defeat and ended up up failing.

Ouch. It hurt. A lot. It took me a long time to get over it. But you won't believe how much I've learned.

So often, we're all caught up in our own selves that we tend to get overconfident. The result? It hurts even more when you crash and burn.

What I'm trying to say is that every failure is a stepping stone. I am aware that this has been quoted over and over for the past hundred years, but it's true. And now I can actually relate to it. Would I ever have believed this saying before a failure? Nope.

It stings like anything when you falter. Your ego is bruised, your confidence is shattered, and you just feel awful. But you know what you need to do? GET BACK UP! Dust off your cloth…

Album Review: Michael Bublé: To Be Loved (2013)

With his distinct, old fashioned-yet current style, Michael Bublé is one of modern music's greatest voices. The Canadian pop-jazz crooner is known for his old-school sensibilities, while at the same time blending modern sounds with classic tunes.

To Be Loved is Michael Bublé's eighth studio album. Like all of his releases, To Be Loved is largely a collection of covers of classic standards, with a few original songs thrown in. By the numbers, there are ten cover songs and four originals. Two major stars feature on the album, actress Reese Witherspoon (in a very rare singing role) and singer Bryan Adams.

Following up his multi-platinum 2011 album Christmas, To Be Loved is just as you'd expect- heartfelt, sincere, fun and wonderfully performed.

Below is the track-by-track review of the album ( * denotes original song)

1. "You Make Me Feel So Young"(Frank Sinatra): As cheerful and positive this song is, I thought it was an odd choice to open the album, since it's…

American Idol 2013: Ranking The Top 5

Well, we're halfway through with the finals of American Idol Season 12, so obviously, it makes sense to look at where this season's Top 5 ladies stand. It's been a pretty unique but predictable season, with every elimination so far being a guy. Sorry, guys, it's the season of the ladies!

5. JANELLE ARTHUR Quite honestly, I'm surprised Janelle's made the Top 5. I've never been her biggest fan and I'm yet to be blown away by a performance of hers. I still find her overrated and get the impression that she's trying too hard. That said, Janelle is good. Just not good enough to make the Top 3 this season.

4. AMBER HOLCOMB I haven't changed my perspective on Janelle, but I have to admit, Amber has grown on me. I think her performances in recent weeks were really good- but of course, not even near as good as my Top 3 picks. One thing I love about Amber is that I always hear a little Whitney Houston in her voice. And that kind of talent is rare. If only …