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Album Review: Phillip Phillips: Behind The Light (2014)

Anyone who keeps up with modern contemporary music will have heard Phillip Phillips' 2012 hit single "Home", the song which propelled the American Idol winner to stardom, making him a household name of sorts. After a successful Platinum-selling debut album, Phillips returns with his sophomore album, Behind The Light, a collection of 12 new songs, most of which are written by Phillips himself.

The new album turned out to be a surprise, because it's almost a U-turn from Phillips' debut album The World From The Side of the Moon. Why so? It's grittier, more rock-oriented and feels more natural and organic. Will this almost indie-style work for a musician formerly considered a 'mainstream' artist? Read on for the review.

Track-by-track review:

1. Searchlight: Anyone familiar with Phillips' previous hits will feel right at home with this song. With guitars and a hook that instantly bring to mind "Home" and "Gone, Gone, Gone", "S…