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Single Review: Hilary Duff: "Chasing The Sun" (2014)

Remember Hilary Duff? The Disney darling, best known for her role as Lizzie McGuire in the titular Disney Channel series, is making her full-fledged return to pop music this year. After releasing a few Platinum and Gold selling albums (2003's Metamorphosis, 2004's Hilary Duff and 2007's Dignity), Duff kind of disappeared from the mainstream music scene. Seven years later, she attempts a major comeback, kicking it off with a brand new summer-themed single, Chasing The Sun.

From the get go, you know this is a fun summer song. The opening lyrics are simple and snappy: Why am I in such a hurry/ Always gettin' up too early. Before we know it, we're off to the beach, singing along with a catchy chorus and infectious guitars and drums. Written by Colbie Caillat, Jason Reeves and Toby Gad, the lyrics throughout the song are really simple and straightforward. The post-chorus addition of "Oohs" makes this one of the most sing-along worthy songs of the summer. Duff…

Album Review: Hunter Hayes: Storyline (2014)

In today's country music scene, it appears that in order to be considered a success, you need crossover appeal. Shania Twain, Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift have successfully done that. Following in their footsteps is young Hunter Hayes, who quietly and successfully has taken the world by storm with his debut album. His debut single "Wanted", a heartfelt love ballad was one of the breakout country hits of 2012 and propelled him to stardom. Now, three years later, he returns with an all-new collection of music which caters largely to the young adult demographic, but will also please lovers of modern country-pop.

Hayes' new album is a collection of youthful emotion - young love, heartbreak and life in school. Maybe that's why this album resonates really strongly for me as a person - I found I could relate to a majority of the songs. It helps that the songs on the album are all co-written by Hayes himself, because it doesn't feel like "just" an album…