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Movie Review: Sleeping Beauty

Disney's ultimate fairytale remains one of the most spellbinding animated films of all time.

Quick: what are the top three things that come tomind when someone mentions the name "Disney"? Princesses? Correct. Animation? Right again. Songs? Yep. Throw in some cute animals, an evil sorceress and a dashing prince, and you have the essential Disney classic animated film.

1959's Sleeping Beauty is the epitome of the "Disney Fairytale". Often considered Walt Disney's finest (arguably his best) animated film of all, Sleeping Beauty is dazzling, enchanting and classic in every sense of the word. Walt Disney's third (and final) princess fairytale, following Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)and Cinderella (1950), it took five years to complete. Artists adopted the new widescreen format, which meant extra work and new techniques. The movie, as a whole, featured a new direction for Disney animation, with characters having designs starkly different from the …