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Counterfeit Love

Every song on the radio is about it. Most movies and TV shows revolve around the concept of it. We find ourselves obsessed with the idea of it.

If the media would have you believe what love is, they would have you think that 'love' is spending the night with an attractive person. It's about 'scoring'. They would tell you that love is more about the physical, the outward, the visible. High fives and winks all around. But that's a lie. Just as today's pop songs replace the F-word with "love" on the radio (as if that's even the same thing), the fake, counterfeit love that the world tries to sell us is a lie.

Because 'love' is so much more than physical gratification. It goes beyond the sexual, it transcends the human body. It is so much more than today's image-obsessed culture would have us believe. Take a listen to the top ten songs on the radio right now. Granted, they are earworms that have the potential to stick with us for…

Breaking Down Our Walls

"Before I built a wall I’d ask to know
What I was walling in or walling out..."
-Robert Frost, Mending Wall
Have you ever really thought about walls? You know, those things made out of bricks,  cement and concrete? You're probably surrounded by four of them right now. Maybe you're sitting atop one and reading this, in which case, you're cool.

But there's another kind of wall that I want to talk about today. Not the physical kind. The kind we put up between ourselves and our neighbors. The barriers and obstructions that prevent others from reaching out to us, and us them. As human beings, we tend to build walls around ourselves all the time. For example, picture this:
* You had your heart broken by someone you really, truly loved, and now you swear never to love anyone ever again. ("I'm done!")
* A friend you're really close to does something stupid, and hurts you, so you decide it's better to be alone than to trust anyone ever again. (&q…

25 Lessons I Learned at 25

So...this is it. I'm officially over the hump tomorrow. I'm turning 26, and right now, I'm sitting and mulling over the crazy, incredible, happy, sad and trying year this has been. Really, if the universe wanted me to learn life lessons, it really saved some of the toughest ones for my 25th year. Being that wise almost-26 year old sage that I am today, I would like to share with you some life lessons I learned in my 25th trip around the sun. Trust me, there's definitely some lessons you might learn from my experiences (emojis included because 2017):

1. Don't be afraid to walk away 🚶: Whether it's a friendship that got stale, a romance that faded away, or a job that sucks the life out of you, please ditch it. Stop trying to wait around to see if things get better. Because while things do get better, sometimes the reason for that is you letting go of the old, heavy stuff weighing you down.

2. Stop comparing yourself to others 👥: One of the biggest things I came …

Still Lost...And That's Okay

Welcome to the Quarter-Life Crisis  I think a recurring theme on my blog is the fact that I am constantly lost. Lost in the sense that I seldom know what direction my life is taking, where I am headed, or what lies in store for my future.

As more than half the year has passed, I suppose it's a good time to reflect on where I am in life. And more than that, remind myself that that's okay.

I mean, I think I should probably define 'lost' at this point. It doesn't mean I'm stuck on some remote island, sleeping on banana leaves and eating coconuts, but just that right now, I'm still in the process of figuring out what exactly I want from my life. What's my perfect career? I have ideas, but...
What about my love life? Well, LOL.

Would I like to be in the perfect career at the moment, working in [insert glittery big city here]? Yes! Would I like to find the love of my life, get married and have ten kids? Yeah. Well, aside from the ten kids thing.

So much of wh…

The Vine

Disclaimer: This is a poem I wrote early this year, at a time when I was feeling lost and confused about my direction in life. Now, I'm no Shelley, but I do enjoy writing the occasional poem, just as a way of giving release to my thoughts (Also, I don't enjoy writing poetry as much as prose, but I thought I'd challenge myself). Hope you like it!


20 Years of Magic: How Harry Potter Changed Our Lives


Movie Review: Cars 3

I've been a lifelong Pixar fan, and have always supported the studio's efforts. In terms of quality animation and sheer storytelling, Pixar has always delivered. Although some of Pixar's recent efforts haven't been their very best, I've still been mostly enthusiastic about their movies. This is the studio that gave us the iconic Toy Story trilogy, classics like Finding Nemoand Monsters, Inc. Even as recently as the past two years, Pixar has given us the amazing Inside Out and the fun and breezy Finding Dory. In fact, I consider The Incredibles to be one of my Top 5 favorite movies of all time.

With the Cars franchise, however, Pixar hasn't had the greatest track record. The first Cars, released in 2006, was fine enough, a light and harmless tale about the importance of appreciating life. 2011's Cars 2 is easily Pixar's worst film, with an over the top story about spies and oil and international's pretty hard to watch. What the first two

Thinking Way Too Much

This happened to me the other day:

I went to a little shop near my house to buy a few things we needed at home. After making my requests to the shopkeeper, he bagged my purchases and told me how much I had to pay. This is when me, ever naive and always clueless, asked him how much a certain item cost. After all, hey, I'm the one paying, so I deserve to know how much those things cost. But I was taken aback when the guy at the counter snapped at me and told me the prices of the things in a really condescending and rude way. Although he did answer my question, I was rather hurt by the way he spoke to me. Quietly, I thanked him, paid him, picked my my stuff, and walked back home.

But I couldn't get what he said out of my head. Rather, it was the way he said it that hurt me more. I spent pretty much the entire evening wondering what caused him to be rude to me.

Was I unlikeable? Did he hate me? He definitely hated me. Otherwise he wouldn't have spoken that way. Maybe I should…

Comparisons Are Odious

When I was little, my dad would often say to me, “Comparisons are odious”. To which I would reply, “What’s odious mean?” Apparently he was using a proverb that originated in the 1400s, and was later popularized by Shakespeare in Much Ado About Nothing.

I, of course, paid little attention to what he said. But over the course of several years, as I slowly began to change and learn about the world around me, I understood what he meant.
You see, I’ve always been competitive. I’m generally a laid back person who lets others succeed, but when someone threatens my own competence or seeks to ‘one-up’ me, I don’t let up easily. When my reputation isn’t at stake, though, I let others win. But something that has always dragged me down and given a negative edge to my relationships with others is my tendency to compare myself with others. And let’s face it: we all do it.
We compare our current situation with others all the time. That time when our colleague got the promotion or recognition even th…