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25 Lessons I Learned at 25

So...this is it. I'm officially over the hump tomorrow. I'm turning 26, and right now, I'm sitting and mulling over the crazy, incredible, happy, sad and trying year this has been. Really, if the universe wanted me to learn life lessons, it really saved some of the toughest ones for my 25th year. Being that wise almost-26 year old sage that I am today, I would like to share with you some life lessons I learned in my 25th trip around the sun. Trust me, there's definitely some lessons you might learn from my experiences (emojis included because 2017):

1. Don't be afraid to walk away 🚶: Whether it's a friendship that got stale, a romance that faded away, or a job that sucks the life out of you, please ditch it. Stop trying to wait around to see if things get better. Because while things do get better, sometimes the reason for that is you letting go of the old, heavy stuff weighing you down.

2. Stop comparing yourself to others 👥: One of the biggest things I came …