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If It's Meant To Be...

There's a song on the radio right about now by Bebe Rexha and Florida Georgia Line that goes, "If it's meant to be, it will just let it be." As catchy as it is, I was recently struck by how meaningful and timely it is for where I am in life.

I've recently been guilty of overthinking every single thing. Unhappy with relationships, jobs, or my own self- image. And for the longest time, I took to constant self-improvement. So much so that it overtook my life. It became obsessive, how I would try to do every single thing in order to please others, to make myself look good, to try to climb higher. I thought I was happy, but then I realized that my frantic efforts weren't getting me very far. In fact, I ended up being counter-productive.

Most of the time, we just storm through life, trying to get that job we want, trying to date that person we like, trying to get that six-pack 'fast'. We keep pushing on and on and on. And how many times does that …