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I Never Asked For This.


I didn't expect you. The way you came crashing into my life, the way you swooped in and set my heart on fire. You smashed down my walls, you made me let my guard down, and entered at a time I thought I didn't need anyone.

You, unassuming and simple. You, with your light and your laughter. Your desire to change the world. My world. You showed me that I don't need to put up walls. That maybe the world deserves to be loved unconditionally, whether or not you get anything in return. I'm yet to meet someone as emphatic, feeling and sensitive as you. I've started seeing the world from your perspective. It's like I'm looking at it for the first time.

And yet, I'm spending every moment of my waking life thinking of you. You invade my thoughts with a rudeness that I don't mind. You ought to see the way I smile when you light up my phone. Because it's more than just a text. It's more than just a call.

You light up my life.

You don't just mak…